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The Well Crafted E-mail....

by Stacie Bloomfield / 10 comments

I am one of those people who really struggles to craft a well written e-mail. The art of non-verbal communication is often lost on me. Want an example? Here is a smattering of an e-mail I recently sent to a dear friend:

"Doing nothing. I have no motivation, but what else is new?

Nathan and I find out what the baby is tomorrow evening!!!!! We are definitely naming it blank if it is a boy, and I think we settled on blank if it is a girl. My childhood nickname was blank because I was kinda grumpy.

Good grief....

Not sure of middle names yet, but am really content with the 1st names! I look really pregnant today! babies babies babies babies dribble dribble so on and so forth......

I wish we could chat today. Messaging is fun.

I am having a bad hair day with a capital OMG.

Why can't I blog like I really talk in real life? I would be the most popular kid in blog school if I did, because you know how incredibly funny I am...... and humble (that is my biggest asset).

I write line by line, too. Notice the pattern of all of my e-mails. Not a paragraph to be found!


Yes,  this is the actual e-mail I sent. Obviously I am gifted with the written word, yes? Maybe it would help if I didn't use so many "!" marks? Or if Liz Lemon were not my role model?

But seriously, I am a much better verbal communicator. My old design teacher in college used to ask me to record myself telling family stories and send them to him, because he found me funny. Maybe if I start recording unscripted vlogs (hate that word) for this blog you would get to know me better?

I digress......


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  • eef on

    haha, i think we write the same way.

    I CAN write properly, but don’t in emails/blogs/etc.

    too much work. =]

  • aPearantly sew on

    I would love to see you do a vlog (I hate that word too). I like to see people in action, so to speak.
    I’m a pretty horrible writer. It’s a wonder anyone actually reads my blog. I feel like I have things to say that are of some worth, but I have the worst time putting them into words. I even have a hard time forming a comment at times. I feel like the words I choose are just never enough to adequately describe what I am trying to say.
    Anyway, that was a rant. Which kind of proves my point :)

  • ness on

    digress away. I can hear you saying everything you write : )

  • Anonymous on

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  • Jenna on

    I’m so honored that I was the recipient of this email. I think your craft for spoken and written word are flawless. Wouldn’t have it any other way!!

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