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Sassy Sally

by Stacie Bloomfield / 2 comments

Hello Sunday! This has been the 1st weekend in weeks that my family hasn't either been out of town or had overnight guests.

Last weekend my momma came for a visit and baked cookies with Violet. See that Miss Piggy apron? It was mine when I was her age :) See how she is striking that pose? Recently, Violet has been quite the "Sassy Sally", her words not mine. Case in point? This morning I asked Violet to pick up her toys. She replied that she couldn't pick up her toys because she was too pretty..... Dear God, it is starting early with this one.

I hope that your weekend was filled with family time and some cool drinks to get a break from this heat!


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  • megan lane on

    hehehe! that is too stinking cute. your mom’s adorable!

  • Becky on

    Aww, your mom is too cute! And “Sassy Sally” made me laugh because my best friend’s name is Sally and when her niece was young she called her “Aunt Sassy” because she couldn’t say Sally!

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