Lucy at 5 Weeks

Lucy is huge all of the sudden (9 pounds)! And smiling. And such a snuggle bunny.

She has such kind little eyes. I really feel like she is an old soul. 

Lucy still is not sleeping through the night. But that's par for the course at this age. She has strong control of her neck, actually participates in tummy time, and has started following our voices with her eyes.

Violet desperately wants Lucy to sleep in her bed with her. Alas, poor Violet. This will not be happening any time soon. Recently, Violet hugged Lucy and proudly exclaimed, "Mommy, I hugged Lucy and did not break her neck!" Yes, good girl, Violet....

Lucy is quite the calm baby. She coos and smiles. She makes my life more full. I may be exhausted every day from tending to her and the rest of the family, but now I cannot imagine our family without her  :)

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