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I Went Shopping (Around My House)

by Stacie Bloomfield / 4 comments

I have a corner of our dining room that has never really been functional. It is in between the kitchen table and kitchen, and usually ends up being a landing space for boxes, Violet's larger toys, or extra chairs. So, I finally decided to go "shopping" from around the house and give this corner a makeover.

The first thing I did was grab this lounge beige chair from the living room. I love the chair, but it has always blended in to the beige carpet in the living room. Really, no one walks into a room and thinks, "You know what this room needs? More beige!" So I was happy to relocate the chair.
Next, I took this newish rug (originally purchased for the living room, but alas it was too small) and laid it down. The rug is a dark navy blue, but it looks mighty fine against the white bead board and black chalkboard walls! Go ahead, marvel at all of the messages written on the walls. Lately I have been considering repainting them, but I love having 3+ years of memories recorded! If you come visit our home, you get to draw on the walls :)

I have had this old chalkboard since college, and have had it in storage ever since Violet was a baby! Note it says "Welcome Home Clementine" as at one point that was going to be Violet's name. (Golly I need to erase that). It balances the blank space next to the chair. The blue magazine rack is the perfect landing spot for my back issues of Martha.

And, I moved this Fairfield Porter print from the living room and hung it above the chair. Essentially, I was trying to create a more cohesive color palette throughout the kitchen/dining area. Black walls with hints of blues and greens. The print, accented by a blue throw pillow and navy rug work well together.

This is a cozy little nook, perfect for early morning coffee or late night reading. Ant the space is filled which I LOVE! Do you ever have the urge to redecorate? Do you ever pull things from other rooms instead of hitting the stores?
Now I get to work a little bit on adding some new pieces and artwork to the living room! So excited!

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  • ...sarah. on

    What a wonderful use of the space! I love it. I do shop other rooms sometimes. I spent a lot of time rearranging things before my son came along. I should get back in the habit: it keeps your home looking fresh (plus… what better excuse to get the dust bunnies out from under the bed?).

  • corner kitchen table on

    That’s wonderful use of the space!

  • KatieElizabeth on

    Where did you get that rug? It’s fabulous!

  • megan lane on

    Stacy!! I have so missed reading your lovely blog. I most definitely get the urge to redecorate.. actually I have had that urge strongly lately. that nook looks so cozy!! I’m looking forward to having more space in our next place.. a reading nook sounds wonderful. hope you and your little family are doing well!

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