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January Home Project: Houndstooth Chair Upholstery

by Stacie Bloomfield / 4 comments

Hi. My name is Stacie. And I need to get my groove back. Case in point? I recently had to say goodbye to my beloved houndstooth coat do to an increase in, well, personal mass (dropping baby weight is no laughing matter, my friends!). Anywho, I handed down my coat to my older sister. Sigh, I am glad that it found a good home where it will be taken care of :)
But now I am definitely lacking some houndstooth in my life :( The pattern is the epitome of classiness. And it would look so lovely on a nice arm chair, don't you agree?
I have this old arm chair. Covered in nifty but dizzying Alexander Henry fabric. You know that's good, but not classy. I need something classy (channeling Michael Scott from The Office), so a houndstooth upholstery job it will be!
What does this have to do with getting my groove back? Aside from needing some content for this little blog of mine, this has inspired me to tackle one home project a month. It could be small, like hanging some curtains or sewing a pillow cover, or BIG, like say, stripping down and painting a nice piece of furniture! The sky's the limit!
Do you have any monthly goals for yourself creatively? Are you a home decorating junkie, like me? Always on the lookout for a way to jazz up your home?

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  • megan lane on

    that’s a great idea! I lok forward to seeing the end result. I would have no idea how to go about reupholstering a piece o furniture. I have been obsessed with home decor lately, i go throught spurts with it. I need to find a project to take on.. it’s been awhile since I’ve made anything & i feel off!

  • Sarbear on

    Ohh fun. I’m looking forward to seeing this project and all of what you come up with. I have made a list of 12 projects or new creative skills I would like to do or learn this year and love seeing what everyone else is up to.


  • Hannah B. on

    Curtains and pillows are next on my list. (Part of my effort to take control and stop making excuses.) All that to say, where do you buy this upholstery fabric I’ve seen you use? Do you ever buy fabric online?

  • Lois on

    It’s on my to do list to decorate my kitchen this year as I hate the yellowy colour it is at the moment. Can’t wait for the spruce up!

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