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Lucky Rabbit Foot... er Print?

by Stacie Bloomfield / 4 comments

Howdy! In case you haven't picked up on this yet, I am a little obsessed with screen printing as of late. I have been toying with the idea of releasing a few limited edition screen prints of this pretty little hare printed in a metallic gold ink on a beautiful heavy weight paper.

This is just a proof and in person the gold is much more obvious, but I am simply in love with metallic gold. And I think this rabbit looks mighty fine with a bit of golden shimmer.

Any who, this is just one of the many side projects I have going on at Gingiber. Any requests for other things you would like to see in the shop?


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  • amber perrodin on

    GOLD holiday series, please!

  • cranny + b on

    this is really beautiful! I love the shimmery gold and would love to see a few more animals done the same way!

  • GED online on

    Amazing post and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!

  • Rebecca on

    Oh he is just lovely! And very snazzy in gold, I think a limited edition of you animal prints would be great!x

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