New Animal Pillows

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Ya'll, I am so excited to announce our newest animal pillows! We have added an elephant and lion from our safari collection of illustrations, an adorable pink piggy, and a NEW redesigned brown bear pillow!

I hope that you all will browse the pillows. I am really proud of them :)

I just thought that I would add that I've been working really hard to improve the quality of our pillows. All of our backing fabrics are 100% homespun plaid cotton. And we have upgraded to a much more lux polyfil! The pillows have such a nice "touch" to them. And, slowly but surely, all of our pillows have sewn in "Gingiber" tags. If you purchased Gingiber pillows in the early days, we used a visible stitch to close our pillows, but now they are all closed with blind stitches. They look so clean and nice :)


Clearance Brown Bear Pillow

We are retiring our old bear pillow, so now is your chance to grab one at a nice discounted price :) Only $15! Thanks so much for stopping by,


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