Catnip For Moda Fabrics!

Catnip For Moda Fabrics!

Hello Friends! I am THRILLED to show you our 4th (WOW I cannot believe it is #4) collection for Moda Fabrics called Catnip!

Catnip for Moda

My signature drawings are the foundation of this cat-crazy collection with cat panels, prints based on my  line-drawings and a cool cheater-print. In Black, White, Natural and Grey, Catnip is contemporary and fat cat cool. Look for it in January. 🐱 Plus, we have a MATCHING CAT ENAMEL PIN that will be so FUN with this fabric!

Catnip for GingiberCatnip for GingiberCatnip for ModaCatnip for ModaCatnip for ModaCatnip for ModaI hope that you all LOVE Catnip! It ships in January!



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