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Day 139- Leaf Prints

Day 138- DIY Novelty Snow Globes

Day 137- Paint a Snowscape with Acrylics

Day 136- Make your Own Sidewalk Chalk

Day 135- Introduction to Weaving

Day 134- Stained Glass Installations by Tom Fruin

Day 133- Painted Pumpkin Inspiration

Day 132- DIY Lace Doily Dreamcatcher

Day 131- Modern Fall Wreath DIY

Day 130- Ice Cream Books by Ben Denzer

Day 129- Cross-Stitch Pumpkins

Day 128- DIY Pillowcase Tote Bag

Day 127- Botanical Block Print Tutorial

Day 126- DIY Fabric Bowls

Day 125- Beginner's Guide to Cross Stitching

Day 124- Watercolor a Fall Landscape

Day 123- Make your Own Birdhouse Village

Day 122- DIY Pressed Flower Coasters

Day 121- Guide to Making a Glass Terrarium

Day 120- Groovy Cakes by Alana Jones-Mann

Day 119- DIY Clay Bud Vase

Day 118- Good Things Ahead Embroidery Pattern

Day 117- DIY Paper Mushrooms

Day 116- DIY Colorblock Pendant Lamp

Day 115- DIY Lace Pottery

Day 114- Shibori Dyeing with Avocado

Day 113- Fall Leaf Garland

Day 112- DIY Macrame Lawn Chair

Day 111- Our Woven Community

Day 110- DIY Wooden Planter Boxes

Day 109- Plantable Seed Paper Guide

Day 108- Linocutting Tutorial

Day 107- Latte Paintings by Kangbin Lee

Day 106- Cactus Embroidery Pattern

Day 105- Cyanotype Video Tutorial

Day 104- Intricate Pastry Designs

Day 103- Terrarium Cakes

Day 102- Lemonade Embroidery Pattern

Day 101- Alcohol Inks Tutorial

Day 100- Botanical Breads

Day 99- DIY Polymer Clay Coasters

Day 98- Watermelon Embroidery Pattern

Day 97- 5 Watercolor Tricks

Day 96- Surface Design Mini Course

Day 95- Embroidery & Felt Veggies

Day 94- DIY Clay Jewelry Bowls

Day 93- Handmade Mustache Planters

Day 92- Embroidery Patterns from DMC

Day 91- Hedgehog Embroidery by Jessica Long

Day 90- Build Your Own Burger Cookies

Day 89- Crochet Pot Holder Pattern

Day 88- Thread Painting by Vera Shimunia

Day 87- Plant-Dyed Pasta Art

Day 86- Paper Quilling Succulent Garden Tutorial

Day 85- Paper Quilling for Beginners

Day 84- Art Prompts for Self Discovery

Day 83- Food Creations from Foodbites

Day 82- DIY Macrame Plant Hangers

Day 81- How to Marbleize 

Day 80- DIY Concrete Planters

Day 79- Painted Planters

Day 78- Ceramic Inspiration - Callahan Ceramics 

Day 77- Rope Basket Tutorial

Day 76- Mossy Murals Tutorial

Day 75- Block Printing - Lili Arnold Studios

Day 74- Painting with Wool - Dani Ives

Day 73- Arm Knit Blanket Tutorial

Day 72- Shibori Indigo Dyeing Tutorial

Day 71- Embroidered Landscapes

Day 70- Botanical Watercolor Coloring Kit

Day 69- Pansy Shortbread Cookies

Day 68- DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Day 67- Paper Succulents

Day 66- Cactus Pin Cushion Tutorial 

Day 65- DIY Circus Animal Cookie Pillows

Day 64- Watercolor Mini Course

Day 63- Bullet Journaling 

Day 62- Paint-By-Number Project

Day 61- Beginner’s Guide to Woodworking

Day 60- Weaving Tutorial

Day 59- Personalized Cutting Boards

Day 58- Paula Champagne- Visual Storyteller

Day 57- Calligraphy with Amanda Reid

Day 56- Fibre Art

Day 55- Desk Pad Printable

Day 54- Illustrations by Chantell Marlow

Day 53- Tabitha Brown Illustrations

Day 52- Pansy Tutorial 

Day 51- Punch Needle Tutorial

Day 50- How To Weave A Basket

Day 49- DIY Soy Candles

Day 48- Mosaic Sidewalk Chalk

Day 47- Free MiniCourse

Day 46- Macrame Key Chain

Day 45- Fabric Bowl Cover

Day 44- Bless'er House Free Printables

Day 43- May We Be Creative

Day 42- Natural Dye And Shibori

Day 41- Printable Paper Dolls

Day 40- DIY Painted Zinnia Pinecones

Day 39- DIY Macrame Feathers

Day 38- DIY Pressed Flower Frame Art

Day 37- DIY Tulle Embroidery Hoop Art

Day 36- DIY Painted Planters

Day 35- Paper Plants

Day 34- Free Download

Day 33- Creativity Baking

Day 32- DIY Tie Dye

Day 31- Plant A Garden of Gratitude

Day 30- Paper Mache' Pressed Flower Lanterns

Day 29- Embroidered Hats

Day 28- Watercolor Flowers

Day 27- Face The Foliage Art

Day 26- DIY Matisse Inspired Felt Board

Day 25- Creative Social Distancing

Day 24- DIY Apron

Day 23- Make A Gingiber Mask

Day 22- Llama Love DIY

Day 21- Creating A Home

Day 20- DIY Flower Crown

Day 19- Free Pig Coloring Sheet

Day 18- Go On A Nature Walk

Day 17- Free Easter Card

Day 16- Toilet Paper Roll Matryoshka Dolls

Day 15- Pom Pom Time!

Day 14- Make A Medical Mask

Day 13- Mixed Media Print Making

Day 12- Weaving

Day 11- Make Stamps

Day 10- Your Favorite Room As Art

Day 9- Finding Gratitude

Day 8- Draw On The Walls

Day 7- Sew A Cat Pillow

Day 6- Papier-Mâché

Day 5- Collage Art

Day 4- Sketch Your Pet

Day 3- Color Away Your Anxiety 

Day 2- Stitch Your Troubles Away

Day 1- Vintage Book Covers