Free Turtle Digital Download

Free Turtle Digital Download

Turtles are a forever favorite around here, and we want to share a turtle message for your tech! Keep Swimming is our latest in phone and desktop wallpaper design! Aren't you loving these new images to add zest to your tech? Having the whimsy and delight of Stacie's art on my phone brings a smile to my face every day.

We use our phones so much: I recently heard a figure of 150 as the number of times we click in on our phones daily to check social media, emails, texts, etc. Can you believe that? At Gingiber, we think that your 150 daily experiences should be filled with more zest and joy.

Gingiber Turtel Digital Download

With bubbles and sea plants all around, the Gingiber sea turtle encourages you to keep going! Let's choose progress over perfection and continue the race just like the old tale of the Tortoise and the Hare.

This week's digital download is inspired by our beloved Good Luck card with this sea turtle. If you or someone you love is a turtle fan, send them this link! National Turtle Day is officially May 23, but we think everyday can be a celebration with this little guy in your corner.

Turtle download

So keep swimming, friends! This little sea turtle and the rest of us at Gingiber are cheering you on! And for an extra treat, here's the turtle GIF I created for World Turtle Day (click the image to play)!!
Always helping you add more (tech) zest to your nest,
Turtle GIF
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